GIS Links

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Archaeological Data Service (ADS)

  GIS Guide to Good Practice - edited by Mark Gillings and Alicia Wise.


  GIS for Archaeologists - pdf from ESRI.

English Heritage

  Guidelines for English Heritage projects involving GIS.

Internet Archaeology

  Why metadata matters in Archaeology.

Online Archaeology

  Archaeology maps and GIS.


  How mobile GIS meets the needs of archaeological survey.

University of California, Berkeley

  Pdf article 'Interfaces: Mobile GIS in archaeological survey'.

CSA - Archaeological Computing

  Archaeological Computing by Harrison Eiteljorg, II - An excellant pdf download available.

University of Arizona

  GIS / Remote Sensing links from the University of Arizona.


  A project by Dr.Scott Madry on the applications of remote sensing and GIS in the Burgundy region of France.

Archaeogeek Blog

  This is the blog of an ex-archaeologist, now working in web-based GIS.