Archaeological Projects

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  • Prastio Mesorotsos

    The Prastio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Expedition is a multidisciplinary investigation of a multi-period settlement in western Cyprus. The project is also being run as a Field School in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh.

  • Western Cyprus Survey (WCS)

    Since the 1970s the Lemba Archaeological Project has been conducting the WCS, gathering data on sites to gain a greater understanding of the prehistory of the region.

  • Souskiou

    The 3rd-4th millennium BCE site of Souskiou was discovered in the early 1950s. Since 2000 Edgar Peltenburg has led a LARC team in survey and excavation of the Laona settlement and cemetery.

  • Lemba Archaeological Project (LAP)

    The project is based at the Lemba Archaeological Research Centre (LARC) and is under the overall direction of Professor Edgar Peltenburg. Several important excavations on prehistoric sites have been undertaken within the Paphos region by LAP.

  • Kissonerga Skalia

    This University of Manchester project is the first time that a settlement dating to the Early-Middle Cypriot Bronze Age (EC-MC, ca 2400-1650 BC) has been excavated in the area of Kissonerga, South-West Cyprus.

  • Jerablus Tahtani

    The Jerablus Tahtani Project, North Syria, is an interdisciplinary research programme. Since 1991 a relatively small tell has been excavated, Jerablus Tahtani, beside the ancient capital of Carchemish on the banks of the Euphrates River.