Survey Links

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  The MoLAS Archaeological Site Manual - A pdf version of the manual with excellent survey info for Archaeologists.

CSA - Archaeological Computing

  Archaeological Computing by Harrison Eiteljorg, II - An excellant pdf download available.

Surveying Techniques

  A pdf guide to Archaeological Survey Methods by Dr. Thomas King - hosted by Indiana University.

Scotland's Rural Past

  Video guides relating to survey from Scotland's Rural Past.

Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors (AAIS)

  Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors.


Suveying Techniques - University of Leicester

  Suveying Techniques - University of Leicester.

Natural Resources Management and Environment Department

  Use of the line level for surveying.

BAJR - Short Guide to Field Survey, Field Walking and Detecting Survey

  BAJR - Short Guide to Field Survey, Field Walking and Detecting Survey.

BAJR - Survey Basics - Laying out a Trench and Levelling

  BAJR - Survey Basics - Laying out a Trench and Levelling.

English Heritage

  WITH ALIDADE AND TAPE - Graphical and plane table survey of archaeological earthworks.

Total Station


  Archaeology and the use of the Total Station.


  Using a Total Station.


BAJR - A Short Guide to GPS

  BAJR - A Short Guide to GPS.

English Heritage

  Where on Earth are We? The Global Positioning System (GPS) in archaeological field survey.


  SWAAG - Archaeological landscape surveying and mapping using hand held GPS receivers.

Surveying Techniques

  Basic introduction to survey terms.

A Hot Cup of Joe

  Using GPS in archaeological fieldwork.


Archaeology Data Service (ADS)

  Archaeology Data Service - CAD: A Guide to Good Practice.


  AutoCad Tutorial - Center for the Study of Architecture.


  CAD for Archaeology.